Edinburgh may be the capital but Glasgow always has and always is where the action is. Let’s take a romp around Glasgow.

Over half a million people live in Glasgow. It’s the largest city in Scotland and only 4th to London, Birmingham and Leeds. With so many people that can mean only one thing: LOTS to do. It’s a city that has a very relaxed feeling for being so big and is one of the best nights out in the country. I first visited Glasgow during the Commonwealth games and have been back twice since; each time discovering new and exciting. Here are some of the best places to see when you’re out on a romp around town.

Bread Meats Bread

Ever see a restaurant have a queue before midday? This is what it is like when you walk by Bread Meats Bread. There’s a patch in the city centre where at least five burger places all compete with one another. While Five Guys is ok if you’re in a hurry and need something quick, those who don’t mind waiting for a great burger will head to BMB. A local restaurant that has since opened a second location in Edinburgh, but their hub on St Vincent Street is always busy. And with burgers like the Butter Bacon Burger and the Caribbean enough to make locals salivate at the mere mention of such dishes, it’s a destination spot for sure (although do note that they don’t take bookings)



Its never too hard to find a café in Glasgow, but over in the city’s east end is a unique little space to have a coffee and a sweet treats. Stans is a café/ art studio that is tiny (in the best way possible) and provides the perfect spot for a quiet coffee and some vegan cookies. The proprietor Sarah Stanley (aka Stan) makes her own cold brewed coffee and ginger ale that tastes imperially better than a similarly priced cold coffee from the big names. It helps too that she has one of the best Instagram in Glasgow.



“Fancy going to Tennent’s brewery?” It’s a phrase that any beer snob would turn their nose up at, but the massive brewery is home to the UK’s first experimental brewery. Over two floors, the restaurant and bar looks out in to the brewery where you can see the master brewers work to make some very delicious beers. Of all the special brews they have, the Outtaspace Apple Ale is very tasty and worth at least 2 pints.


The Lighthouse

There aren’t many places in Glasgow where you can see just how big and far the city reaches. Because the motorway for some odd reason runs right through the city centre, there aren’t many parks that offer a good vantage point. Tucked down Mitchell Down just off Buchannan Street is the light house.

This museum/ art space/ conference building has a small museum that offers a glimpse in to the design of the city and it’s most famous architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. What makes this place though is that on the corner of the 3rd floor is an inconspicuous staircase that winds all the way up to the top of a lighthouse, which is a bit weird to have in the middle of the city, but when you see the views it gives you of how built up the city centre is and how wide Glasgow is, you’ll instantly want to get your phone out and start snapping away.


Tantrum Donuts

I’ve been in enough train stations and Tesco Metro’s in my life to know that picking a Krispy Kreme from the plastic cabinet should be a last resort for anyone thinking of getting a donut. In the Finnieston part of town, one small café is making donuts where the dough is so soft it feels like it’ll melt in your mouth. Tantrum has a limited menu of only six donuts and that’s it (well along with their coffee which is pretty good). It might be a little dearer than a donut from Gregg’s but when you visit and see the baker going hell for leather to make each individual donut himself, you see why this place is becoming such a popular spot.

Because it has such limited seating, I’d recommend getting donuts to take away and talking a short walk to Kelvingrove Park to eat them.


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